ARC Cymru developments and plans for the future

The new Director for ARC Cymru is working hard for our members in Wales and here is a summary of recent developments and his plans for the future for ARC Cymru.

Image: John Gilkes

Hi, my name is John Gilkes and I have been appointed as the new Director of ARC Cymru. I took up the post on 6 April 2012. Although only funded for one day a week ARC UK have shown a strong commitment to building a presence in Wales despite serious cuts to its core funding.

The sector faces significant financial pressures, and provider organisations are increasingly being asked to deliver more for less. The commissioning culture in Wales is still dominated by competitive, cost driven, approaches. This has tended to drive provider organisations apart, rather than bring them together to use their considerable expertise, experience and talents to deliver cost effective quality driven services.

It is my belief that the need for provider co-operation and representation is at its highest. I have already organised a South Wales members meeting and will be organising a North Wales event in the very near future. The meeting in South Wales highlighted the need for ARC Cymru to:

  • Build its membership
  • Create strong partnerships with other provider organisations
  • Represent providers on key policy/decision making bodies
  • Develop other income sources to supplement membership fees.

To date ARC Cymru has developed a working relationship with Learning Disability Wales to share office resources and developed working links with Cymorth Cymru.

We are helping to facilitate an employment focused initiative in the Bridgend area involving Remploy, OHT, Cartrefi Cymru, Drive and Elite employment services.

We have had discussions with The Care Council for Wales to take a lead role in a stakeholder group that will be able to consult on CCW initiatives.

I hope to get around and meet you all soon. Please take an active part in ARC Cymru’s development and encourage others to join. United we can put Wales at the forefront in the provision of innovative quality led services.

John Gilkes