SFC extend deadline again for funding of NVQ units

Image: Skills for Care logo Skills for Care have announced that they have now extended the deadline again for some partnership areas for NVQ unit funding across England,  accessed via their Workforce Development Funding (WDF) for 2011/2012, of which ARC is a Lead Partner.

You can now claim for funding towards eligible NVQ units if they have been completed by 17 May 2012 for two of our partnership areas: Midlands and National.

This funding was originally only available for NVQ units completed by 30 September 2011.

All claims for NVQ units must be sent to ARC with the accompanying Claim Forms no later than 22 May 2012, as the claims need to be processed and sent to Skills for Care.

Please note that the NVQ units need to be signed by the verifier between 1 January 2011 and 17 May 2012.

Skills for Care also extended the range of QCF units that are eligible for claiming workforce development funding at the end of last year, to include all units that are covered by the level 2 and 3 diplomas and adults pathway in the level 5 diploma.

For more information about the WDF support for qualifications and how to gain access to the funding through ARC, please see our Qualification Funding Support information page

Or alternatively, contact Wendy Adamson on 01246 541 671 or by email wendy.adamson@arcuk.org.uk

If you haven’t claimed yet for funding for your NVQ units that have been completed and verified between 1 January 2011 and 17 May 2012, then contact Wendy as soon as possible to join one of the partnerships whilst the funding is still available!