Helping young people with learning disabilities to understand money

MAS-alternative-278In 2011 ARC ran a successful project with the Money Advice Service (formerly Financial Services Authority) to develop a toolkit that can help individuals with a learning disability to understand more about money.

The Money Advice Service have an existing resource called ‘On Your Own 2 Feet’, which is a toolkit that was developed in partnership with ‘Fairbridge’ to use when working with young people to help them understand about financial capability.

ARC have used this resource as a base to develop a toolkit that can be used with individuals with a learning disability. The resource was piloted with groups of people with a learning disability then amended until a finished product was designed.

The toolkit is a combination of guidance, exercises and activities that can be carried out with individuals or groups of people with a learning disability. The idea is that you can use the resource and adapt it to meet the specific needs of the people who you are working with.

It has some great activities about understanding about money such as:

  • Learning about how you feel about money
  • Understanding about how much things cost
  • Raising awareness of money issues
  • Attitudes to money
  • Where money comes from
  • Learning more about finances in their locality
  • Learning about essential and non essential spending
  • Budgeting
  • Where our money goes
  • How much can I save?
  • How much things really cost
  • Running a place of their own
  • How to reduce costs

All of the activities have been designed to be interactive and adapted to individual need.

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This project was funded by the Money Advice Service.


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