Driving Licence Guidance

Firstly please check that the details on both the Disclosure application (Personal Details) and the driving licence are exactly the same, check date of birth, spelling of names/surnames, middle names.

Next there are three other areas in which the information on the driving licence is very sensitive to the system:

  • The system will only accept the first 16 digits of the driving licence number for example ROBIN 757025 CJ999 01 do not include the 01 at the end
  • On the driving licence does it show the applicant having a middle name?  Look at the application, applicant details has the applicant recorded that same middle name?
  • Visa versa does the driving licence just give a forename and surname? Look at the application, applicant details, has the applicant recorded a middle name?  If so then you need to remove the middle name from the application via the EDIT button.  Go back to the ID checking stage enter the driving licence details, SAVE.  Go back to the application, applicant details and re enter the middle name and save.
  • Is the applicants surname for example St John, St John Stevens? The driving licence will not have a space between the St and John. You will need to go into the application remove the space, click save/update. Go back to ID check enter the details from the driving licence. Save. Go back to the application and replace the space between St and John. Save/update.