A message for the New Year

ARC would like to wish you a Happy New Year and we hope 2012 brings your organisation and those you support success and new opportunities.

The past year has been crucial for the Health and Social Care sector and also for the Association for Real Change, however, we must ensure that changes will be for the better and that the sector works together to achieve the best outcomes possible for people who have a learning disability and all those who support them.

This sentiment was reflected at a successful member event, Making Change a Reality, which was held in London last November. It highlighted the aims and ambitions we all share. Discussions at the event stressed a general consensus that we all need to work together to offer support and achieve shared goals.

The coming year will be another challenging one and the event made it clear that we need to draw on each others’ strengths and ensure that success is met with deserved praise, especially if these successes are about efficiencies that have lead to better outcomes.

It is also important that, rather than threatening smaller organisations, larger ones nurture them, especially if they have specialist areas of expertise. ARC will take a key role in facilitating this community of sharing.

To help achieve these goals, communication between member organisations, ARC and within our own organisations needs to be optimal. ARC is in a great position to encourage this, not only through email, but social media and events.

ARC has kick started this, firstly, with focused events for members that have been planned to take place over the next six months. More details of these events are available on the ARC events page and will be in your inbox soon.

To keep the ball rolling we are planning new services, the first of which you are invited to take part in a free trial of. This is a new job vacancy listing service on the ARC website, only our members can take part in.

We will also be publishing regular Press Releases with ARC’s opinion on significant news stories, as well as news of developments at ARC and messages for you direct from our Board.

We hope you will respond to these releases with your opinions, experiences and knowledge. Responses could be included in the ARC Insight and on our website.

We also urge you to send us stories and photos, for us to include in our newsletters and on the website. Our members are the heart of Association for Real Change and your stories deserve to be heard, acknowledged and praised.

Help us make 2012 a year of co-operation, communication and success.

If there is anything you would like to let us know email our Information Officer, Sarah, at sarah.walters@arcuk.org.uk who will see that your feedback is taken into account and discussed at regular development meetings.

Feedback can also be given through our Twitter account @ARCUK_ORG or Facebook profile